Welcome to an Alternative View

Alternative View is a NYC based concierge service that allows clients the opportunity to combine acupuncture and physical therapy with therapeutic interior design, or feng shui.  


We believe that the best option for health involves a holistic approach, where the body is nurtured within an environment that supports the healing process. 

Your Plan of Care

Alternative View specializes in treating most pain disorders.  In addition we also help clients overcome many stress-related infirmities and achieve a better sense of strength and balance to their health.   

Joint Pain and Arthritis

Muscle Aches

Back & Neck Pain

Aching Feet



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder

Rotator Cuff Injury

Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

Bulging Discs

Tennis Elbow

Meniscus Injury

Achilles Tendinitis

TMJ and Jaw Pain

Sports Injuries


Menstrual Problems

Pelvic Disorders

Sleeping Disorders

Anxiety & Stress


Digestive Problems

Weight Control

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Alternative View Acupuncture and Physical Therapy, PLLC has a scope of practice that is limited to Acupuncture and Physical Therapy only.   While an acupuncturist can provide an Eastern Medicine diagnosis, and a physical therapist can provide a functional impairment diagnosis, we do not provide a medical diagnosis.  Alternative View can support, refute, or suggest a medical diagnosis that can only be confirmed by a licensed physician. Any Feng Shui advice you receive, whether in part or in whole, is in recommendation only and not meant to ignore, contradict, or substitute the advice of any medical professionals managing your care..

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