Who We Are

Alternative View was founded by Mr. Cantone with the primary purpose of providing clients the opportunity to augment their current healthcare options with a specialized form of combination therapy.  

Mr. Caesar Cantone, PT, LAc

Mr. Cantone is a board certified physical therapist and acupuncturist in the State of New York.


His treatment approach emphasizes the use of functional rehabilitation and  successfully integrates the philosophies of both Eastern and Western medicine in all of his treatments.  He creates custom, individualized treatment programs for his patients, and specializes in providing living space recommendations that support wellbeing and a healthy mindset.

Over the years he has become increasingly drawn toward exercises focused on balance, core control, and internal stability. In addition, his independent studies in the Russian Martial Arts stand apart from other conventional training models because of the strong emphasis on breath control, reflex conditioning and the psychology of movement.

He has trained in Five Elemental Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine and applies this holistic concept of wellness and balance into all his interior design projects.  As an avid artist, he believes the journey towards beauty is highly personal and should evolve with the home's inhabitants.


Mr. Cantone writes on healthcare topics and contributes to the Resources section of our website.

Physical Therapist, NYS
Acupuncturist, NYS

Rehabilitation Science, BS '03 (Northeastern University)

Physical Therapy, MS '04

(Northeastern University)

Acupuncture, MS '14

(NY College of Traditional Chinese Med.)

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